Have you ever felt like there was something great inside yearning to get out? Perhaps, you find yourself stuck in the same patterns, year after year, and are finally frustrated enough to try something different. Learn how to identify your dominant strengths and values, and how to leverage them to create the kind of life you want to live. To get started, click below.


Building a great business is about helping others. When we understand what others want and how to provide it in a way that really works, we have a good start. To execute effectively, we need an intelligent plan with flexibility. This requires an understanding of our dominant strengths, and those of our partners (when part of a team), and how to use them to create the most value. To discuss your business, or start-up idea, click below.


Choosing a career can be confusing with all the options that are out there. This difficulty is often compounded by the voices of well- meaning people who believe that they know what is best for us. To make an optimal move we need to learn what our dominant strengths are, which values are most central to our lives, and how we can channel our unique configuration in a way that is personally and financially rewarding. We then need to craft a strategic plan that will focus us, step-by-step, on reaching the summit we have set for ourselves, and have a travel partner who helps us navigate the obstacles along the way. If you are interested in traveling together, click below.


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Decisions and Experiments

Decisions and Experiments “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Part of the difficulty of making decisions is the feeling that our worth depends on how they work out. This creates a lot of pressure that is really unhelpful for using our brains effectively, which makes […]

Challenge Your I Can’ts

Have you ever considered that many of the things you think you can’t do may not be true? I used to believe that I couldn’t build my own website because I am not one of those gifted tech-friendly people. This belief brought me to pay someone a thousand dollars to build a site for me […]

Life: The Experiment

Papa was a scientist. He understood that it usually took many attempts before getting what he was trying to discover or achieve. At the same time, when it comes to life I keep sensing this expectation that whatever I am trying should work out the first or second time, and if it doesn’t, feel deflated. […]

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